The Electric Powered Sentinel

This simple kit of part-assembled, pre-coloured steelcomponents bolts together to create a magnificentSentinel steam waggon powered by 24v electric, with realistic smoke and sound effects.It’s quick to build, easy to operate,very powerful and will fit in the back of most family cars.

Steam Engines - running with electricity, what a revolution!

It’s powered by electric but looks andsounds like a real steam engine; it evenhas smoke! There are no boiler tests, nofires to light, just turn it on and off you go!

• Strong steel construction
• Part assembled bolt-together components
• Pre-finished in a choice of colours
• Powered by a heavy duty 24v motor driving the rear wheels via a differential, as used on mobility scooters
• Ample power to carry an adult driver and a small passenger. It could also potentially pull a small truck
• Two 34ah batteries (not included) – give a range of about 20 miles
• Battery charger included
• Variable top speed up to around 4mph
• Speed and forward/reverse operated via
a simple thumb lever
• Electro-magnet parking brake
• Battery meter
• The two-part front/rear chassis can be quickly separated to facilitate easier lifting and transportation (fitting in the back of many family cars)
• Smoke and sound units included
• Full instructions and customer support

3" Scale (Approx)
Length: 61" (1550mm)
Width: 22" (560mm)
Height: 28" (710mm)
Weight: 85kg (187lbs) (incl. Batteries)

Download Leaflet

Download the Leaflet (Jpg Format)
Side 1 - 558kb Jpg
Side 2 - 798kb Jpg

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