John Lewis Parody by Steam Traction World - The Bear and the Hare

A bit of fun for Christmas with our (slightly) cheaper version of the John Lewis Bear and the Hare Christmas Advert - Enjoy!

Thanks for all the feedback to our Christmas extravaganza (ahem) we launched our version of the Bear and the Hare on 10th December on Facebook with over 15,000 people viewing the post throughout the festive period!

"Another excellent advert" - Brian Steele
"Excellent , merry Xmas folks" - Richard Raven
"Merry Christmas to you all, I love the bear and the hare" - Stephen Honey
"Brilliant. liked and shared" - John Webb
"Haha great video" - Joy Rogers
"Brilliant!" - Kelly Thrower
"A clever spoof, the bolt dropping down like a snowflake was brilliant" - Rambling-Sid Rumpo

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