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    This part of the forum is where STW can advertise items they or their customers have available for sale or items they want.



    Another thought:

    Could there be a “cub” page, a “parts” page, an “implement” page, and so on under the for sale/wanted page?

    Id never see the tractors Craig posts about, I know hes scouring all the various sites with cubs for sale, so I just look here for what he found. There are a lot of items in the for sale/wanted forum, but I think thats a good problem to have




    I know we have a forum at Knifenetwork for selling knives, but how about Randalls wanted? Can we alert a Randall for sale on our subforum, or declare a Randall wanted? I just searched for and found the for sale forum, so others probably dont see it either.

    Thanks, Sam



    Could you suggest/insist that people putting ads in the For Sale and Wanted section put a date on the ad so anyone looking at them knows if they are relevant or put up ages ago? Im sure it would be in their interests to do so as they would get more responses if people knew the ad was recent



    We are looking for a child minder for our 3 children 1, 2 & 4 one day a week on a Monday preferably in our home from 8:30 – 5. Our eldest is in preschool close to home from 9:15-12:15.



    I found this and got it working but I was wondering how I could have it so that the posted XX hours ago only appears IF the number of hours was for example less than 6 hours ? Is that possible using <IF> statements ?



    Hello All,

    Experience and Awards are yet under update, they will get done in next 24 hours. the board is now up for use. We apologize the inconvenience for the downtime of more than 24 hours.

    Please feel free to report any issue you face, either in this thread or Users problem section.



    Yes, exactly thats why. I havent done any Saturdays since January but have a couple coming up before the end of the year. The workload is nowhere near 48 hours a week. When the previous poster said that is up to you, I think they meant that because you are left to your own devices as to what is the best way to help your mentees. For some people that means putting in a lot of hours and for others it means less.



    Assalamo Alaykom Sister

    Congratulations on your reversion and welcome to the forum. May ALLAH guide you and bestow His blessings on you. We are all here to help and I am sure you will gain much from islamway as I have.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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