Welcome to the Steam Traction World Christmas spectacular… ? … You don’t know about the Steam Traction World Christmas spectacular?*

Well let me explain. Each year, for the past several years, we have put together our little offering to say thank you to all our customers, friends and supporters for another successful year.

The presentations are based on Steam and, of course Steam Traction World. We all love Christmas and very often the films contain references to the ‘big boys’ spending millions on their Christmas presentations like Sainsburys, Aldi and, our favourite** John Lewis. Who could forget the Bear and the Hare? No-one. The Penguin? No-one. Moz the Monster under the bed? Everyone!***

The Steam Traction World films are hilariously funny**** and are crammed full of hidden extras only revealed after multiple views, see what you can see within the film – there may be a reference to Excitable Edgar, you never know. Popcorn at the ready, sound on and enjoy.

We have no budget for this, we are engineers so this isn’t what we do, so please base any comments you may wish to share with this in mind. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

*Or your sense of dignity has erased each year from your mind, in which case we apologise in advance.
** We did struggle with last years Elton John version and so did subsequent John Lewis sales!!!
*** Chris Riddell’s Mr Underbed did do well though after he claimed John Lewis plagiarised his book.
**** Well they may make you smirk, similar to a passing of wind.

(We recommend you watch with subtitles on)

Christmas 2019 – The Greatest Showmans

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