The 4½” Scale Foden ‘C’ Type Steam Lorry

The Foden in fully machined kit form, is only available from Steam Traction World, and includes all the individual component parts to produce a working, live steam engine. Quality, durability and excellence of engineering are terms which have become synonymous with Foden, Steam Traction World continue in the tradition of this great name with a bolt together series of kits making your 41/2” scale Foden build both enjoyable and rewarding.

At a huge 106 inches long, this Foden is 41/2” (larger than 1/3rd) Scale and is a magnificient limited production model which is hugely satisfying to both make and drive.

Everything is designed for ease of construction with all components delivered in a fully machined condition ready for painting and final assembly. All kits are shipped complete with full instructions and drawings with colour images to guide you step by step through your assembly process. The 41/2” scale Foden ‘C’ Type Steam Lorry consists of 27 kits.

4½” Scale • Length: 106″ (2700mm) • Width: 39″ (1000mm) • Height: 42″ (1080mm) • Weight: 500kg (1102lbs)

• Wheel size: 151/2
• Cylinder Size 2 x 2″ stroke 25/8
• Boiler Diameter 103/4” Steel with expanded tubes – Working pressure 140 psi
• Boiler Feed Arrangement – Crankshaft driven pump & Injector
• Valve Gear – Stephenson’s
• Pneumatic Rubber Tyres
• Double High Pressure slide-valve cylinder
• Working differential
• Three speed

Kit Breakdown
Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.
Kit 1 Chassis
Kit 2 Front Axle
Kit 3 Rear Springs & Axleboxes
Kit 4 Front Wheels
Kit 5 Rear Axle & Diff
Kit 6 Boiler Deposit
Kit 7 Rear Wheels
Kit 8 Steering
Kit 9 Water Tanks
Kit 10 Smokebox
Kit 11A Cylinder Deposit
Kit 11B Cylinder
Kit 12 Cylinder Accessories
Kit 13 Hornplates
Kit 14 Boiler Payment
Kit 15 Boiler
Kit 16 Ashpan
Kit 17 Crank & Con Rods
Kit 18 Valve Gear
Kit 19 Water Pump & Check Valves
Kit 20 Gears
Kit 21 Water Gauges & Plumbing
Kit 22 Safety Valves & Regulator
Kit 23 Whistle & Cab Floors
Kit 24 Cab
Kit 25 Roof
Kit 26 Lorry Back
Also available: Optional extras of windows plus option of sides for the flat bed.


Download the Leaflet (Jpg Format)
Side 1 – 616kb Jpg
Side 2 – 654kb Jpg

4½” Scale Foden ‘C’ Type Steam Lorry

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