The 6″ Scale Foden
– SWB & C Type

Two huge Foden’s – a ‘C’ Type and SWB Lorry; 6″ Scale, that’s half size!
The Foden in fully machined kit form, is only available from Steam Traction World, and includes all the individual component parts to produce a working, live steam engine – a LARGE live steam engine. Size-wise the machines are 11.5 feet for the ‘C’ type, almost 8 feet for the SWB and both will weigh in at just over a ton. Both machines have true compound engines, with a working pressure of 170 psi+, a boiler diameter of around 14 inches and with three speed, they certainly are impressive.

SWB: Length: 98″ (2500mm) • Width: 46″ (1170mm) • Height: 53″ (1360mm)
C Type: Length: 139″ (3550mm) • Width: 46″ (1170mm) • Height: 53″ (1360mm)

• Boiler diameter 123/4” (323mm) Steel with expanded tubes Working pressure 200 psi
• Boiler Feed Arrangement – Crankshaft driven pump & injector
• Valve Gear – Stephenson’s
• Solid spoked cast wheels with Vulcanised rubber tyres
• True compound slide-valve cylinder
• Working differential
• Mechanical operated brakes
• Three speed

Optional Extras:
Cab Windows • Sides for C Type

Kit Breakdown
Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.

Kit 1 Chassis
Kit 2 Springs
Kit 3 Front Wheel
Kit 4 Front Wheel
Kit 5 LH Rear Wheel
Kit 6 RH Rear Wheel
Kit 7 Front Axle
Kit 8 Rear Axle Boxes
Kit 9 Rear Axle
Kit 10 Rear Brakes
Kit 11 Boiler Deposit
Kit 12 Steering
Kit 13 Water Tanks
Kit 14 Smokebox
Kit 15 Cylinder Deposit
Kit 16 Cylinder
Kit 17 Trunk Guides & Cylinder Fittings
Kit 18 Hornplates & Backplate
Kit 19 Boiler 1st Payment
Kit 20 Boiler
Kit 21 Crankshaft
Kit 22 Connecting Rods & Flywheel
Kit 23 Gears
Kit 24 Valve Gear
Kit 25 Water Pump, Regulator & Starting Valve
Kit 26 Cab
Kit 27 Water Gauge & Ashpan
Kit 28 Lubricator, Exhaust & Safety Valve
Kit 29 Gear Guards & Fittings
Kit 30 Rear Body

Download the Leaflet (Jpg Format)
Side 1 – 678kb Jpg
Side 2 – 798kb Jpg
6″ Scale Foden – SWB & C Type
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