Steam Traction WorldThe 4″ Scale Traction Wagon

Steam Traction World
This limited edition Fully Machined 4″ Scale Traction Wagon is a superb model and the ideal complement to any 4″ scale traction engine. It is delivered as a series of 4 monthly kits. We strongly advise you to place your deposit as soon as possible to avoid disappointment; many of the limited production run of 50 have now been sold. The magnificent 4″ scale Burrell from Steam Traction World is beautifully complimented by this superb 4″ scale limited production Wagon, crafted from Ash with fully machined fittings in kit form.

Everything is designed for ease of construction with all components delivered in a fully machined condition ready for painting and final assembly. All kits are shipped complete with full instructions and drawings with colour images to guide you step by step through your assembly process. The 4″ Traction Wagon is delivered as four separate monthly kits in order to spread the cost and the workload.

Steam Traction World

4″ Scale • Length: 62″ (157.5 cm) • Height: 27″ (68.5 cm) • Width: 30″ (76 cm) • Weight: 200lbs (94kg)
Wheel Diametres Front 12″ (30 cm), Rear 14″ (35.5cm)

– Vulcanised Tyres
– Fully Sprung
– Quality Hardwood Chassis
– Ideal for Multiple Trailors

Kit Breakdown
Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.

Kit 1 Front Wheel Assembly
Kit 2 Rear Wheel Assembly
Kit 3 Springs, Turntable and iron work
Kit 4* Woodwork chassis
Kit 5* Wooden Wagon Floor and Sides
* Optional kit
Steam Traction World
Download the Leaflet (Jpg Format)
Side 1 – 535kb Jpg
Side 2 – 566kb Jpg
4″ Scale Traction Wagon

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