The 6″ scale Little Samson

The Little Samson was a 5 ton steam tractor built by Savages of Kings Lynn to comply with the Heavy Motor Car Orders of 1905. The model is now available with Steam Traction World in 3″, 4″ and 6″ scale.

This is the CAST wheel version as in the photo. It will also have the Perch Bracket in between the boiler and the smokebox and not set right back like some or under the chimney like others. At this stage we are NOT offering the ‘spoked’ wheel version.

The model is 6′ 10″ long
The boiler barrels is 12″ in diameter
The back wheels are 29″ in diameter over the strakes
The model weighs about 850kg (17cwt).

We are going with 3 options for customers.

Option 1 – Fast Build

Supplied in kit form over 27 months (for those wanting to build it quicker than 3 years).
Number of kits: 27
Deposit: £2,795
Kit cost: £999
Total cost: £29,768

Option 2 – Monthly Saver

Supplied in kit form over 36 months. (Best buy option)
Number of kits: 36
Deposit: £2,795
Kit cost: £749
Total cost: £29,759

Option 3 – Ready to Rally

Fully built and ready to rally. Kits will be supplied monthly to Norfolk Loco works who have completed a number of engines on our behalf to an exceptional standard. They will then be built on behalf of the customer in the livery of their choice. This adds a small premium on the deposit to cover initial paint purchases plus £140 per kit over the 36 month period which is paid directly to Norfolk Loco Works.
Number of kits: 36
Deposit: £2,995
Kit cost: £889
Total cost: £34,999

All prices include VAT at 20% however UK mainland delivery by next day courier is additional at £17.95 per kit due to the weight and size of each kit.

We are accepting ‘holding deposits’ currently to secure one of the batch and first 10 Early Bird offer. Regardless of the option chosen, the holding deposit is £295 with the balance of the deposit then due when we give a firm production start date. Any holding deposits are fully refundable until a production start date is announced.

Kit Breakdown
Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.

Kit 1 Front Wheels
Kit 2 Front Axle, Fork & Perch
Kit 3 Smokebox & Chimney
Kit 4 Rear Wheels Payment
Kit 5 Rear Wheels
Kit 6 Boiler Payment 1
Kit 7 Tender & Tender Fittings
Kit 8 Horn plates, bearing housings, crank bearings
Kit 9 Rear Axle Tube and Second shaft
Kit 10 Cylinder
Kit 11 Cylinder components
Kit 12 Boiler Payment 2
Kit 13 Boiler
Kit 14 Cladding & Ashpan
Kit 15 Crank shaft & Flywheel
Kit 16 Connecting Rod and Crank Gears
Kit 17 Valve Gear
Kit 18 Steering
Kit 19 Diff Centre and Final Drive
Kit 20 Brake Drum & Winding Drum
Kit 21 Second Shaft Gears
Kit 22 Gear & Crank Guards, Solid flywheel disc
Kit 23 Regulator and Reverser
Kit 24 Water Pump, Globe valves, steam head
Kit 25 Water Gauge and Clacks
Kit 26 Injector and all pipes
Kit 27 Lubricator and safeties
6″ Scale Little Samson

• If it isn’t in the shop email us and we’ll add it on! • All UK prices include VAT