Steam Traction World – the New Home of the Savage Little Samson Range. Exciting News for Steam Engine Fans – two mighty names are now together.

Steam Traction World are proud to announce that we are now the new home of the Savage Little Samson Range after acquiring the drawings, patterns, stock, brand and goodwill from the well-respected Edward George of Little Samson Models. Edward will continue to support Steam Traction World and Little Samson on a support and advice basis for the foreseeable future.

These fabulous engines extend the range of Steam Traction World products and we hope to announce the release of a fully machined kit for the 6″ Little Samson imminently with a 4″ planned later. Register your interest in these products, without hesistation, as initial demand is expected to be high. Additional to fully machined kits our plan is to continue to sell drawings and castings for both existing and new Little Samson ‘scratch’ builders while also offering the options of purchasing as many or as few of the machined parts including the boiler as required.

Steam Traction World have purchased the Savage range of 3″, 4″ and 6″ Little Samson engines plus the design for the Universal Carrier.

Little Samson 4″

The History of Little Samson

The Little Samson was a 5 ton steam tractor built by Savages of Kings Lynn to comply with the Heavy Motor Car Orders of 1905. Sadly no examples survive into preservation. Little Samson engines were strangely never integrated with the main Savage works register. Presumably they had a register of their own, but if they did it has long since been mislaid. Considered opinion is that 9 Little Samson tractors were built, this number being deduced from the boiler shop’s records, portions of which survive. J. Howard, Savages’ foreman recalled “there were about ten Little Samsons built, about three for the showmen and others sold around and about. One was left over and was sold by auction with six steam wagons about 1912”.

The model, available in 3″, 4″ and 6″ scale may be built in three guises. Cast wheels, wood block wheels and the traditional engine wheel with steel spokes. All three variants are covered in the drawings, but please remember to specify in which scale you intend to build.

The weight of the 3″ Little Samson is 130kg (2.5cwt), but noticably less with a copper boiler. The 4″ engine with cast wheels weighs 260kg (5 cwt) and the 6″ engine weighs 850 kg boiler full & back tank empty.

For further details of the Little Samson range of engines, contact Steam Traction World today.

Little Samson 6″

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier is a powerful and good looking model. This steam wagon is available in 3″ scale only. The standard wagon is 4′ 10″ long and 1′ 8½” wide. The back wheels are 10½” over the tyres and the front wheels are 9″ over the steel tyres.  Further details of the Little Samson Universal Carrier, to follow…

Little Samson
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