Steam Traction World kits are designed to be assembled with limited access to engineering facilities and machine tools. Boilers are supplied fully constructed, either silver soldered (brazed) throughout if made of copper or welded if made of steel. Both types are hydraulically tested to twice working pressure.

Steam Traction World

Steam Traction World is a private company based in the UK and we send our multi-award winning products all around the world. We occupy our own 11,000 sq ft facility in Daventry, England. It is though primarily a manufacturing site with a large machining area (both CNC and manual) together with boiler shop for both copper and steel boilers an extensive stores / packing area and an assembly area for our control models. We now have over 1,000 customers worldwide enjoying a hobby that was previously, for various reasons, not available to them.

kit for steam traction engine

Steam Traction World continues to improve our designs, bring out new models on a regular basis and to focus on both quality of manufacture and, value for money. We all only have so much time to achieve what we would like to accomplish in life.

steam traction world
From left to right:
Mark Ford (CNC Programmer),
Ian Adkins (Production & Customer Support),
Paul Cooper (Production Manager),
Jack Vaughen (Manual Machinist),
Rosemary Collins (Office Manager),
Dean Rogers (Director/General Dogsbody),
Will Hurley (Designer & Customer Support),
Helen Reilly (Packing & Stock Control),
David Chamberlain (CNC Operative & Manual),
Tomasz Faltyczko (Coded Boiler Maker),
Craig Wash (CNC Programmer).

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