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There’s lots of love for our Lykamobile – The original Lykamobile Steamer (Series 1) proved to be very popular with sixty five selling worldwide. The Lykamobile had been ‘out of production’ with a 5 year break in manufacturing and was re-introduced due to customer requests in 2016. This Series 2 Lykamobile run – of 35 engines – sold out within 3 months of starting production. Deposits are now being accepted on a new batch currently, with demand again proving very high. Enquire today to avoid disappointment.

The Lykamobile Steamer Series 2 will have a number of improvements – This will include much ‘beefier’ valve gear (beefier is a technical term!), valve gear running on bearings, use of oil impregnated bushes throughout and stronger leaf springs. We are also considering changing the electrical water managing system gauge system and redesigning the boiler so it is more like a Stanley Steam Car.

The Lykamobile Steamer Series 2 is available as a series of self assembly kits and delivered at the rate of one kit per month over a twenty four month period.

lykamobile steam car

• Length 2.2m • Height 1.6m • Width 1.4m • Weight (410kg) • Water Tank Capacity 45.5ltrs • Fuel Tank Capacity 22.75ltrs

– CHASSIS Tubular steel fabrication, combination weld, bolted and silver solder.
– STEERING “Ackerman” design tiller steering.
– DIFFERENTIAL & DRIVE Spur gear differential similar to the original Locomobile, drive shaft and bearings.
– WHEELS & TYRES Single tube pneumatic, treaded.
– BREAKING SYSTEM Disc brake system.
– ENGINE 21/4” diameter, 3″ stroke modified “Hackworth” valve gear.
– WATER FEED Twin mechanical pump.
– BURNER Fuelled by diesel.
– BOILER Multi Fire Tube, fully constructed and complete with necessary paperwork and inspected by notified body.
– BODYWORK & SEATS Wooden with steel frame, seating capacity of 2 persons, with turned decorative spindles with leather style upholstery.
– Gears: forward and reverse.
– Assemble with hand-tools only
– Step-by-step instructions
– Technical service and help-line backup
– Designed on ‘Solidworks’ CAD
– Manufactured on modern CNC machines for build accuracy and high quality

The Lykamobile is available only in kit form. It can be delivered in a series of ready to paint and assemble kits over 24 months.

Kit Breakdown
Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.

Kit 1 Main Chassis
Kit 2 Steering
Kit 3 Differential & Drive Shaft
Kit 4 Rear Wheels
Kit 5 Front Wheels
Kit 6 Springs
Kit 7 Parking Brake
Kit 8 Boiler Deposit
Kit 9 Bodyframe
Kit 10 Tanks
Kit 11 Pedal Assembly, Brake Pipes & Master Cylinder
Kit 12 Engine 1
Kit 13 Engine 2
Kit 14 Engine 3
Kit 15 Reversing Lever, Parking Brake & Water Pump Bypass
Kit 16 Boiler Deposit
Kit 17 Boiler
Kit 18 Cladding & Exhaust
Kit 18A Burner Tray
Kit 19 Wiring Loom
Kit 20 Burner
Kit 21 Fittings & Pipework
Kit 22 Fittings
Kit 23 Bodywork
Kit 24 Spindle Seat
24A Upholstery


Download the Leaflet
(Jpg Format)
Side 1 – 567kb Jpg
Side 2 – 560kb Jpg

* Photograph copyright Station Road Steam Ltd, used with permission.

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