So 20 customers have early Christmas presents after the boiler inspector was in on Monday to pass them off.

steam traction world christmas

Mr Shore, Mr Alcock, Mr Jones & Mr Bull all have 4″ Agi boilers coming to them. Mr Johnson, Mr Sanderson, Mr Cartwright, Mr Weston & Mr Clarke will all be getting 4″ SCC boilers. Mr Griffin and Mr Hannah have Roller boilers ready. Mr Wigfield has a Road Loco. Mr Sleeman and Mr George have Showmans boiler ready and finally Mr Plumb, Mr Wilcox, Mr Wakefield, Mr Bunn, Mr Ford and Mr Dobbin will have their 4 1/2″ Foden boilers by Christmas.

Santa will definitely need a BIGGER SLEIGH!!!

A Bigger Sleigh Santa?

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