Frozen Parody by Steam Traction World – Brazen

No one can deny the appeal of Frozen throughout 2014 with Disney Frozen toys set to be some of the biggest sellers this Christmas. Steam Traction World have launched their Christmas campaign called Brazen – a wonderfully witty take on a ‘typical day at the office’

Parodies are nothing new with Steam Traction World taking on the John Lewis advert the Bear and the Hare last year with their own delicious twist. Which will triumph? Brazen had over 2,500 views on Facebook within the initial 24 hours of launch and has been presented earlier – one day before the John Lewis Monty the Penguin advert of this year, and a whole month earlier than the STW Bear and Hare of last Christmas. Have a look – see what you think. Do You Want to Build a Showmans?

Steam Traction World’s Frozen Parody – Brazen had over 2,700 views on Facebook within the initial 24 hours of launch

Brazen, the name given to the presentation this year, was very apt as it has two meanings: 1. Bold and without shame – very apt for a parody and 2. Made of Brass, again so apt for Steam Traction World

Your Comments:
“Very well done guys it’s brilliant” Edward Jones

“Good one again, and as I served on HMS Brazen during the Kuwait / Iraq conflict even more special to me” Neil P Cotgreave

“I think you got the sinking in the mud part right at the GDSF this year, well done.”
Philip Keith Gomez
“Really good video” Laura Rolph

“Brilliant :0)” Diana Brown
“Superb well done chaps” Steve Hull

“Well done good but to be fair not quite as good as your kits lol”
Alex Wilson

“It’s really good. Well done to the singer” Trudi Werrett

Christmas 2014 – Brazen

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