Fairytale of Alvis Way – Christmas 2016

Here it is folks – it’s the annual Steam Traction World Christmas film for 2016!
It’s December 24th and there is a very special delivery en-route from Steam Traction World to our hero – Dave. It’s the very last delivery of his…oh, we won’t spoil it for you, we’ll let you watch it for yourself. As fans of Christmas adverts – you may notice a couple of special characters from this years seasonal offerings, see if you can spot them. Plus a couple of characters from our previous festive films Bear, Hare and Coalaff, the loveable, friendly fella from Frozen, er we mean Brazen, made from Coal; and who knows Dean and Steve may also appear again this year!

The film was particularly well liked with a number of people commenting it was ‘the best yet.’ It certainly was the most demanding project to date as we produced, from scratch, every single element that you see on screen – remember folks, we are engineers, not Pixar! You can see the making of HERE.

Diddy Dave – Diddy Do It?

The Figures.
Steam Traction World’s Fairytale of Alvis broke a number of records:

48,194 People reached on Facebook. Over 19,000 views on Facebook
63 shares, 135 likes. (FB direct link)

30,712 People reached on Facebook
74 shares, 171 likes. (Link to YouTube)

During December 93,890 people were ‘reached’ by Steam Traction World via the Fairytale of Alvis Way film and the associated posts and updated.

450 ‘Thumbs’ up. 0 ‘Thumbs’ down
100% ‘Thumbs’ up

(All Figures collated 5th Jan, 2017)

In addition to individuals, the film was shared by a record number of companies and groups on their own Facebook pages. The list included: The Shuttleworth Collection, Great Dorset Steam Fair, Old Glory, Ulster Vintage, Roxby Heritage Weekend, Steam & Rally Events, Australian Model Engineering Magazine, K&L Model Railways, Vintage Enthusiasts Worldwide, Steam Car Club GB, Steam Engine Heaven, Nottingham Industrial Museum, Hire Steam, Logs & Maintenance.

Facebook Likes:
November 28, 2016 – 3,072
January 5, 2017 – 3,181

Watched in:
United Kingdom, United States of America, Philippines, Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France, India, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Pakistan, Austria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Mexico, South Africa, Argentina, Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Hong Kong, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, China, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Greece, Malta, Norway, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Hungary.
(In order of most watched)

Your Comments:
“I love it! It’s charming. I love steam and a good animation.” Claire Dunning
“It’s great, isn’t it – very ‘Smallfilms’ in feel.” Paul Edwards
“Fabulous! I love a traction engine! It’s in the blood!” Angela Smyth

The best Chrismas ad of 2016. (Ahem), Might appeal slightly more to people who like steam engines, sheds, model-making and that sort of thing. Up with that sort of thing! (sort of Ivor The Engine style animation, too. Up with that sort of thing, too).

“Just watched the Xmas video – I just don’t know where you find such creativity and talent, I hope you can afford the singers!!”
Paul Hawkins

“It is great, well done xx.” Jane Perryman
“Love it thats brilliant.” Lloyd Harrison
“Best one yet.” Steve Hull
“Geweldig mooi” (Amazing beautiful) Jan van der Woude
“Absolutely, brilliantly funny. Well done!” Mike King
“Good work :)” Thomas Doherty
“That’s great” Gareth Johnston
“Luv it. Very clever :-))”
“Brilliant. Thank you.” Marian Dolphin

Christmas 2016 – Fairytale of Alvis Way

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