There’s singing, there’s dancing, football, skateboarding – a silly song and steam! It’s the annual Steam Traction World festive film for 2022.
Meet heart-throb Danny Steamo and his wife Sandy with a megamix of steaming songs the can all sing a long to.

Did you know ho ho?
For the Steam Traction World Christmas fun film for 2022, just like our kits, we wanted to get all the little details right.
So in this scene…

1. This is Greased Lightning (We called it Piece Tightening after the last part of the engine is fitted in place. Danny thought it was missing but all along it was in his workshop – did you see it?) The original garage, from the original movie, still exists today, so we used the same set too!

2. This is Summer Loving (We called it Kit’s I’m Loving) We used the original set again in Los Angeles, with Sandy, seen here. We made her dress from scratch!
Sadly, the creative team were not able to go and visit Los Angeles personally!

3. This is Summer Loving (We called it Kit’s I’m Loving) Here’s Danny’s part. Again we used the original set, which still exists today.

4. It turned colder – because the engine ran out of water!! Here we see Sandy and Danny as a split screen – then Dean appears, replacing Danny as Sandy, orders a water bowser to ensure they can steam for longer!

5. And the big ending – Sandy and Danny, with Danny seen on the railings, just like the original. The tricky bit was to get Danny Steamo’s arm to raise, just like err.. Danny Zuko’s.
It took timing, rather a lot of patience and coffee – but we got it in the end!! It may be our favourite bit. What’s yours?

The star of the show.
6. No, not Danny Steamo or even Dean and his cameo appearances – the star of the show is the stunning engine featured throughout the film. It is the same build and all the photographs were taken in the Steam Traction World showroom, where it is currently on display.
So, why not visit us and see this amazing engine and many others, in our showroom, how the engines are built and meet the team? We’d love to see you.
You can book online now and it is completely free.

Christmas 2022 – ’Ease Megamix
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