It looks like Ryan Air are in trouble with their ‘Jab and Go’ advertising campaign, so we thought we’d introduce ours: Syringe and Binge!

Ryanair Jab and GoOnce you have had your vaccine why not celebrate with a binge box set on TV, a delve into the goodies from the fridge or even indulge yourselves with one of our kits?

We joke of course, we wouldn’t be that irresponsible. If you are due your jab, or indeed have had it already (lucky you) take a moment to look at these super saver prices. They remain from our incredibly popular January Sale – and with the current weather, it certainly feels like January.

4″ Burrell and 4″ SCC. Deposit reduced from £995 to £495, saving £500. Vulcanised tyres half price from £825 to £412.50. Total saving £912.50
4″ Road Loco and Showmans. Deposit reduced from £1995 to £1495. Vulcanised tyres half price from £955 to £477.50. Total saving £977.50
4.5″ Fodens. Kit down from £576 to £549 each. Saving £729 over the 27 kits.
Lykamobile. Deposit reduced from £1995 to £1495. Kit price down from £675 to £659. Total saving £916.
I guess you could call this our January Sale – in February.
Call today and save.
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Jab and Go?
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