The Great Dorset Steam Fair is BACK and we are pleased to announce Steam Traction World are on site NOW with our BIGGEST display EVER!

Great Dorset Steam Fair

For the first time in 3 years, The Great Dorset Steam Fair. ‘The National Heritage Show’ returns and remains the world’s largest heritage and cultural event showcasing our national industrial, agricultural and leisure history.
Quite simply, it is THE show – and it should not be missed.

Steam Traction World are at GDSF and, for the first time ever, are showing EVERY SINGLE CURRENT PRODUCTION ENGINE.
Single Crank and Double Crank – Two Inch and Four Inch – Burrell and Foden – Showmans, Agricultural, Roller and Road Loco, Little Samson, Wagons and Bowsers, Four and Half Inch and Six Inch – SENSATIONAL!
Lyka? You’ll lyka a lot – and yes a Lykamobile will on display too!sss

Let’s Do Dorset!

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