So today we welcome to the factory our newest addition……a 4″ Little Samson.

Other than a few finishing touches still to add, this along with the 6″ Little Samson, 4″ Burrell Agi, 4″ Burrell SCC, 4″ Roller, 4″ Showman’s and 4″ Road Loco now completes the showroom and as soon as the world is back to normal we’ll look forward to welcoming visitors to see all the engines for themselves.

We still have a 6″ and 4.5″ Foden on the factory floor along with a Lykamobile (maybe we need a bigger showroom!!) so don’t panic if you prefer lorries or steam cars, you can still drool over these while at the same time checking out components being manufactured and boilers being produced.

Little Samson – Huge Interest
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