Engine Feature: The 2″ scale Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine.

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The 2″ scale Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine was launched after the huge success of the 4″, for enthusiasts who would love to build a smaller, easier to transport to shows model.
These famous engines were originally manufactured by Charles Burrell and Sons at their St Nicholas Works in Thetford, Norfolk England, with Steam Traction World kits containing every component necessary to complete your very own fully working Burrell steam engine in a smaller (albeit sometimes not that smaller!) form.

Everything is designed for ease of construction with all components delivered in a fully machined condition ready for painting and final assembly. All kits are shipped worldwide complete with full instructions and drawings with colour images to guide you step by step through your assembly process. The all silver soldered copper boiler is constructed to BS2790 standards and hydraulically tested to 200 psi.

The Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine is normally delivered as 27 separate monthly kits in order to spread the cost and the workload however, we now offer kits quicker – even as one complete set – so you can be really flexible how you build your engine.

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Many people ask about the scale. Two inch? How does that work?
The scale system works 12″ to the foot. Half size therefore, is 6″ to the foot (so a six inch scale model), 4″ is one third size and a two inch scale engine, would equate to 2 inches to one foot scale.

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The 2” Scale engine dimensions are Length: 36″, Width: 16″ and Height: 23″
The 4” Scale engine dimensions are Length: 72″, Width: 30″ and Height: 45″
The 6” Scale engine dimensions are Length: 108″, Width: 45″ and Height: 67.5″

With an amazing network of incredible steam traction enthusiasts across the globe, we’d love you to join this wonderful community – get in touch today and steam along with us tomorrow.

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