A new CNC VMC (vertical machining centre) has been ordered. For those guys and girls who are into their machine tools here’s a photo of the model we have on order which we will be receiving at the end of March and bit of info on it and it’s capability.

Leadwell 30iF.
Fanuc Control.
4 axis (X, Y, Z, A).
X travel 800mm, Y travel 460mm, Z 510mm.
includes 4th axis, tail stock and 8″ chuck. (perfect for drilling boiler barrells & machining multi ops on cylinder blocks)
BT40 tooling.
15hp motor.
48 metres a minute rapid.

The guys on the shop floor are all excited about the arrival of their new toy and can’t wait for delivery so they can have a play! Once it’s been delivered we’ll post some updates of it’s installation and it working.

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