It’s a great time to start that project. Build your very own engine for future events we can all return to and enjoy. In fact you could call it “building a better tomorrow” and when better, than starting today?

Steam Traction WorldHow can we top that? What could be better? Saving – money, and with these deals (available for a very limited period), now really is the very best time to start.

Just look:
4″ Burrell and 4″ SCC. Deposit reduced from £995 to £495, saving £500. Vulcanised tyres half price from £825 to £412.50. Total saving £912.50
4″ Road Loco and Showmans. Deposit reduced from £1995 to £1495. Vulcanised tyres half price from £955 to £477.50. Total saving £977.50
4.5″ Fodens. Kit down from £576 to £549 each. Saving £729 over the 27 kits.

Lykamobile. Deposit reduced from £1995 to £1495. Kit price down from £675 to £659. Total saving £916.

With an across the board price increase from 1st February, I guess you could call this our January Sale.
Call today and save.
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Save and Steam

• If it isn’t in the shop email us and we’ll add it on! • All UK prices include VAT