It’s the start of a brand new build of a Steam Traction World Lykamobile for Jim Pope in Denver, Colorado. – We did say we’d like to see Your Builds at any stage!

steam car build USA
“When I talked to Dean he said they wanted to make sure the chassis would assemble correctly, as I am across the pond and far away. So they mocked it up on the factory floor before taking it back down and packing it up.” Says Jim, aka Poppapope.

“The rest of Kits 1-13. Lots of boxes of goodies makes this old man’s palms itch!” says Jim
“A total of 300 Kgs. Sent out May 16. I am told to expect a week to 10 days for air transit.”
“If the kits went by ship it would be over 35 days to get to the Port of Los Angeles. Since I see pictures of ships waiting to be off-loaded, and piles of containers sitting waiting for trucks, I decided to opt for air transport.” Explains Jim.

1899 Locomobile steam car
Jim found an old advertisement for a Locomobile and then saw the Steam Traction World Lykamobile and thought “a cool thing to do.”

“I started thinking about “Steam” 10 years ago as I was contemplating what I was going to do after retirement actually arrived at my door. I ran across an advertisement for Steam Traction World (STW) in a publication dedicated to Live Steam and Model Railroading. This started my brain cells churning over what could turn out to be a “cool thing” to do.” Says Jim

You can follow the full build blog Jim says “I hope you enjoy the show.”

We all look forward to the updates Jim!


Steaming Across the Pond

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