Last week saw the completion of a 4″ DCC Burrell Scenic Showmans Engine John Rex Model Engineers have built from a Steam Traction World Kit with certain modifications. henry2 showmans

The brief the customer set us was; To resemble “Dolphin” but not replicate it 100%. This meant the colour (Dreelan Crimson) of the engine was specially ordered from Craftmaster paints, A working crane was to be added to the tender, Gold leaf signwitting was to be applied all round. Extra twisted brass was to the steering shaft, flywheel brake shaft and brake shaft to again emulate Dolphin. The Awning was modified with all new wood latts and barge boards front and rear for writing to be applied. A removable hatch was added to aid with driving, allowing light into the tender and better visibility. Another little detail was the modification to the switchboard to mirror the full size. The engine was steamed for the first time Monday of last week, with a good half a dozen in the first week, the engine preformed brilliantly in every gear and is a pleasure to drive. The customer therefore attended his first Steam rally (after collection Thursday Evening) with “Henry II” at Masham last weekend which gathered lots of attention from fellow owners and public!

He did the roadrun on its first outing along with the obligatory generating outside the Beer Tent! The signwriting was undertaken by Stuart Duncumb of S. Duncumb Signwriting. The lamps were specially ordered by the customer from the Traction Engine Lamp company as he wanted 4″ scale Regis lamps which I’m sure you will agree, compliment the engine very well.

Stunning Showmans
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