steam roller

The 4″ scale Burrell Roller

steam roller
A brand new engine from Steam Traction World a stunning engine and a right rarity on the rally field, a 4″ (1/3rd) scale Burrell Roller. Weighing in at 600kg* with a working differential and the option of rubbered front and rear rolls, it is a mighty machine.

steam roller

4″ Scale • Length: 78″ (1981mm) • Width: 32″ (813mm) • Height: 45″ (1143mm) • Weight: 600kg (1323lbs) (Estimated)
• 2 speed
• Single Cylinder
• Working Pressure 120 psi
• Dished L/H Horn plate
• Solid Flywheel
• Steering on RHS
• Sliding fire door
• Working differential
• Optional Rubbered front and rear rolls for smoother ride and better practical use on road runs.

steam roller engine kit
Kit Breakdown

Each kit comes complete with full assembly instructions and isometric drawings to make everything as clear and as straight forward as possible. With hand finishing only you’ll find your kit goes together with the minimum of effort.
Kit 1A Front Roll
Kit 1B Front Roll
Kit 2 Front Axle & Fork
Kit 3A Smokebox & Chimney
Kit 3B Saddle
Kit 4 Rear Wheel
Kit 5 Rear Wheel
Kit 6 Boiler Deposit
Kit 7 Tender
Kit 8 Tender Fittings
Kit 9 Hornplates
Kit 10 Bearing Housings
Kit 11A Cylinder
Kit 11B Cylinder Fittings
Kit 12 Boiler Payment
Kit 13 Boiler Kit
14 Cladding & Ashpan
Kit 15 Steering
Kit 16A Crank & Con Rod
Kit 16B Flywheel & Gears
Kit 17 Differential & 2nd Shaft Gears
Kit 18 Final Drive
Kit 19 Valve Gear
Kit 20 Regulator & Reverser
Kit 21 Water Pump, Check Valves Steam Head
Kit 22A Water Gauge
Kit 22B Injector
Kit 23 Lubricator
Kit 24 Safety Valve

steam roller

steam roller
Download the Leaflet (Jpg Format)
Side 1 – 844kb Jpg
Side 2 – 856kb Jpg

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