Craig Wilkinson asks “Starting to get into some serious assembly work on my engine. Currently it is stood on a large trolley, (see pic on right) which has been lifted up into axle stands to get it at a nice working height. But this is going to be short lived as it gets heavier, getting it off safely will be an issue. Curious as to what solutions people have used so not to have to grovel on the floor.”


Anthony Jackson (left) says: “Few bits of wood and some castors, built my own. When the boiler comes and I can join up both ends I will mount it length ways with the wheels off. Works a treat for me as its easy to move around and more importantly good working height.”

Craig Wilkinson (right) says: “Not dissimilar to me at the moment, just that I lifted mine onto stands.”

Chris Smith says “I placed the boiler on some timber blocks just above finished height. It’s a lot easier and safer to get the engine stood on its wheels when the time comes.”

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Making a Stand
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