This has just popped up recently for sale over on the Steam Car Club website and we have to admit it has really split opinion.

steam traction world steam car

Here at STW HQ, it is a bit of a marmite look with the team torn between loving it and er… not quite so loving it. What do you think?

IT IS someones build, someones pride and joy and ultimately it is an owners own personal choice to produce such an individual engine. That’s part of the charm of Steam Traction World kits, it is YOUR BUILD. I am on the side of ‘love it’ because you too can produce something as different or standout-ish or unique as this and if it isn’t everyones cup of tea but has brought the creator a great sense of achievement in the final look then that, in my opinion, makes it a great build.

With that I reckon it’s time to put the kettle on and perhaps look at a few new colours for a 4” Scale Burrell!

Here is some of the feedback over on our Social Media page:

“My favourite colour so you have no issues here!!! I would still have done a showman’s in Wait and See yellow if I didn’t have an R/L!!!” Bobbie Baldwin

“Yes, I like it! Why because you could chose an original colour, we do for Aveling, Fowler Marshall and so on. BUT….having organised a few small steam rallies and my Dad had the same experience, Jo public only see a line up of engines as big ones, small ones, red ones, green ones, and black ones. I know because I have asked them. This is really eye catching without going metallic or pearlescent …..oops might have planted an idea there…..and as some of the comments suggest, is something the public relate to.” Trevor Barraclough

“Willy Wonka, Why not I say.” Tony Buckley

“If it really mattered a colour change would be no problem for the new owner would it ?” Simon Carlton

“It’s different. Not my personal taste but it’s nicely done and it stands out without being too ‘in your face’. I don’t see a problem with it.” Dom Greenop

“It’s the Cadbury Sentinel colour.” Brian Steele

and finally from the owner:
“Thanks for the positive comments regarding the colour scheme. The reason we are selling is because we recently acquired an original 1902 locosurrey and although ours isn’t yellow, one of the original choices of colour when bought was bright yellow. Although a lot of people really won’t like it they wouldn’t bother to announce the fact as the steam world is not that sort of world.” Nick Hayes

Your Build – Your Choice

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