In this difficult time of social distancing we thought it was time for a show of unity and the latest staff photo so we pulled some engines outside in the sun and hey presto. Don’t worry no rules have been broken, all photo’s were taken with everyone at least two metres apart and some jiggery-pokery wizzardary from Nick Price Creatives on photo shop pulled us altogether.

From left to right:
Mark Ford (CNC Programmer),
Ian Adkins (Production & Customer Support),
Paul Cooper (Production Manager),
Jack Vaughen (Manual Machinist),
Rosemary Collins (Office Manager),
Dean Rogers (Director/General Dogsbody),
Will Hurley (Designer & Customer Support),
Helen Reilly (Packing & Stock Control),
David Chamberlain (CNC Operative & Manual),
Tomasz Faltyczko (Coded Boiler Maker),
Craig Wash (CNC Programmer).

Meet The Team

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